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File Types & File Conversion

September 17, 2010

Here is a short presentation on File Types and File Conversion by students in Mr. Askin’s Technology Class.

ECDL eLearning

September 17, 2010

All Transition Year ECDL students can now access their eLearning account using the following URL:

You should add this link to your Favourites.

ECDL – Transition Year

September 3, 2009

If you are considering doing ECDL in Transition Year, then you should take a look at the following websites to learn more about ECDL.

ICS Skills

Teach ICT

Download the syllabus from ICS Skills and do some questions on the Teach ICT website.

What is ECDL?

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the world’s most successful IT skills certification programme. Almost three million people are participating in the programme today in over 60 countries worldwide. Over 125,000 secondary school students in Ireland have completed the ECDL.

In Ireland, the ECDL is administered by ICS SKILLS.

The ECDL establishes a standard for everyone who uses a computer in either a professional or personal capacity. It is a certificate that verifies competence in computer use, making the holder readily mobile within Ireland and internationally. Employers and job seekers all agree on the importance of this standard definition of practical competence in Information Technology.

The ECDL consists of 3 main components – a syllabus, a skills card and a question test base, all leading to the European Computer Driving Licence.

If you have any questions on ECDL, post them in the comments sections of this post or you can email mrhannon [at] geralds [dot] ie

Source: ICS Skills

ECDL Certificates

May 22, 2009

Well done to all who have passed all seven ECDL exams in TY this year.

You will receive your ECDL Certificate when you return to school in September.

If you have any questions on ECDL, just send an email to mrhannon [at] geralds [dot] ie

Enjoy the summer holidays!

Computer Software in Plain English

April 9, 2009

As part of the upcoming Module 1 ECDL exam, you will need to know the different types of computer software and how an Operating System is different to other computer applications.

The following Youtube video explains Computer Software in Plain English.

ECDL Module 1

April 6, 2009
Information and Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology

The final ECDL exam this year for Mr. Hannon’s class is Module 1 – Basic Concepts of Information Technology.

The module 1 exam in ECDL is a theory based exam and will test your knowledge of ICT terms and theory.

I have uploaded two Mind Maps that will help you prepare for the Module 1 exam. You should download and print these mind maps.

As always, the Teach-ICT website has some excellent resources for ECDL. Test your knowledge of Module 1 by doing their Revision Quiz.

EC President Barroso receives the 9 millionth Skills Card

March 24, 2009

The following Youtube video shows the European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, receiving the 9 millionth ECDL Skills Card. Now all he has to do is pass all 7 exams to get his ECDL Certificate!


March 19, 2009

DatabaseThe next exam for Mr. Hannon’s ECDL class is scheduled for Thursday April 2nd in the Computer Room. This exam is on Module 5 – Database.

As discussed in class today, a database is simply a file that stores information or data. We actually use databases every day on the web e.g., searching for the book you want on Amazon, looking for a used car on Carzone.  All businesses and organisations maintain a database of their employees and customers e.g., we have a database here in the school of all students.

You should divide Module 5 into four sections:

  1. Tables
  2. Forms
  3. Queries
  4. Reports

Use your CD and Syllabus as always to prepare for the exam and you should also look at the videos for Module 5 on

ECDL Classes – Module 7 Exam

February 4, 2009

The next exam for Mr. Hannon’s ECDL class is on Thursday February 12th.

The exam is based on Module 7 – Internet & Communications.

There are two main areas to be studied in Module 7:

  • The Internet and the WWW.
  • Email – using Microsoft Outlook.

Revise your CD and print a copy of the Module 7 syllabus. The syllabus has been emailed to your Google Apps account and can also be downloaded from the ECDL folder on the shared student drive on the school network.

You should also view the online presentation of all the terms in Module 7 on the website.

ECDL Classes – Module 4 Exam

January 16, 2009

The next exam for Mr. Hannon’s class is scheduled for January 29th.

You should now be revising the first eight sections and section ten of your ECDL CD on Module 4 – Spreadsheets.

You should also view the video tutorials and do the additional tasks on the Teach-ICT website.