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What browser do you use?

October 2, 2010

Free Software on one CD

February 19, 2009

CDCD BurningOpen Education Disc is a CD that contains all the free software you’ll ever need.

From OpenOffice to Audacity to Games and Utilities, the Open Education Disc has over 40 open source programs. See the complete list of programs here.

Download the latest version here or you can collect your own copy of the CD from the Computer Room any Wednesday from 1.15pm to 1.45pm.

Giveaway of the Day

January 15, 2009

Free SoftwareHere is another excellent site for downloading free software.

Giveaway of the Day offers one piece of FREE licensed software every day. The software will be available for download for 24 hours and that software will be absolutely free.

You should add the Giveaway of  the Day site to your RSS feed. What is RSS?

Or set as the Home Page in your browser.

How to change your Home Page in Internet Explorer?

How to change your Home Page in Firefox?


September 21, 2008

winPenPack is a suite of free applications that can be run from your USB pendrive without the need to install the programs.

winPenPack have several editions but they have a special version for schools.

Download winPenPack School and you get the following free software that you can run from your USB drive on any PC:

Documents management
X-SciTE (text editor)
X-Sumatra PDF (.pdf reader)
X-OpenOffice (office suite, Microsoft Office open source alternative)
X-Scribus (desktop publishing)

X-FET (software for automatically scheduling the timetable of a school, high-school or university)
X-JstencilReport (application to write school reports and evaluations)

X-GeoGebra (dynamic geometry, algebra and calculus for schools)
X-Kseg (interactive geometry program for exploring Euclidean geometry)

Educational games
X-TuxPaint (simple drawing program for children)
X-ColoringBook (coloring book program)
X-TuxMath (educational math tutor for children)
OpenGF (game that will help you learning music reading while having fun)
X-TuxType (learn to write with the pc keyboard)
X-Synthesia (game that teaches you to play the piano using falling notes)

Graphics and drawing
X-Hugin (an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging tool)
X-ArtofIllusion (open source 3D modelling and rendering studio)
X-Blender (3D graphics and animations)
X-Dia (program to draw diagrams)
X-TinyCAD (program to help you draw circuit diagrams)
X-Gimp (image manager and elaboration)
X-Inkscape (vectorial graphics)
X-LeoCAD (model construction as LEGO)
X-PosteRazor (any dimension poster creation and print)

Languages and translators
X-StarDict (international dictionary software)

Mind maps
X-FreeMind (mind-mapping software)
X-Jreepad (personal database program that allows to organise all personal notes, thoughts, tasks, recipes, memories)

X-GEONExT (dynamic mathematics software)
X-GnuPlot (data graphs or mathematics functions visualizer)
X-GraphCalc (scientific calculator)
X-WinTeXmacs (WYSIWYG for LateX files)

X-Audacity (audio editor)
X-Psycle (music sequencer)
X-InfraRecorder (CD/DVD burner)
X-MuseScore (WYSIWYG music notation program)
MPUI with MPlayer (multimedia player)
X-Solfege (free music education software)

X-Celestia (space simulator)
X-Stellarium (planetarium 3D)

X-Sunbird (calendar with agenda functions)
X-Firefox (internet browser)
X-Thunderbird (e-mail client)
X-Virtual Magnifying Glass (magnificator glasses)
X-Pidgin (instant messenger with MSN, ICQ, AIM and much more compatibility)
X-Planner (project management tool)
X-Workrave (program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury)
X-ANote (pc post-it notes)
X-AstroGrep (alternative hard disk files and folders searcher)
X-Indiwiki (visually brouwer for wikipedia pages)

GTK+ for Windows
LAME Encoder
Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Free Software

May 3, 2008

Looking for free software?

Then go to where you will find over 500 excellent free programs. There are over 15 software categories to choose from such as system tools, video software and free games. No trial versions, spyware or malware, just 100% free software.

SolidWorks Tutorials

April 2, 2008

Students of the new Design & Communication Graphics subject at Leaving Certificate level use SolidWorks as part of their course work.

Mr. Fallon has some help files and tutorials on the MTW School site.

The SolidSmack blog has some resources as well.