Microsoft’s virtual storage centre

In Thursday’s ECDL class, we talked about “cloud computing“. In future, all our applications and files will be stored online. You are already using cloud computing by using your Google Apps account.

So how does cloud computing work? Here is an example of one of Microsoft’s large data centres which house all the servers to store our data.

In a very unremarkable looking building in Quincy, Washington State, is housed what has been dubbed ‘the belly of the internet’.

Inside there are 300,000 servers which make up Microsoft’s virtual storage centre that enable thousands of us to store the vast amounts of data that we all put online i.e. in the “cloud”.

Watch the following Youtube video of Microsoft’s data centre:


2 Responses to “Microsoft’s virtual storage centre”

  1. Paul Says:

    hi, there is a good book called ‘The big Switch’ by Nicholas Carr on cloud computing if you haven’t read it.


  2. Mr. Hannon Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I will take a look.

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